a little bit

about me

“I’m no fair-weather girl”

You will always find me makeup free, walking through quiet fields or woodland with my two dogs “Boy” and “Wurly”. My Baby Girl is usually on my back chatting away and enjoying natures surroundings, just like her Mama. I’m no fair-weather girl and will be out come rain, wind or shine.

I love to be snuggled up in my cosies with a hot tea and an endless supply of chocolate biscuits. If I could live in a season it would be Autumn because of its crisp air, orange leaves, awesome sunlight and my love of a log fire. When film night is my choice, its nearly always going to be a romance!



“Yours aye, Yours always”

A photograph is timeless and has the ability to evoke emotions and memories and tell a story that will last forever. I learnt this as a little girl growing up in a family who had endless albums and photographs framed around the house. It started with my Grandparents who had heaps of Black and White, and Sepia photographs. I remember looking at their young faces thinking how beautiful and almost unrecognisable they were.

It was sat looking at these old photographs that my Grandad shared their Love story. He would tell me how he, a young Scotsman, became a Royal Naval Pilot and this is where he met Pearl, my Grandma, who was serving as a Wren. They instantly fell in Love and married soon after. Whilst he was away from her, they would write to each other and he would always sign off his letters, “Yours aye”, which is a Scottish expression meaning “yours always”.

And so that is where my love of photography began.

inspired by romance 

and landscapes

A hopeless romantic, that’s me! I have always loved seeing people in love, reading romance novels and watching romance films.  The other half of my inspiration comes from my love of the outdoors and its beautiful Landscapes. I’m incredibly lucky to have grown up in the beauty of the Lake District, my Dad was born and bred there, and my Grandma still lives in the same family Cottage in a quaint Cumbrian Village.

Those narrow winding roads with stone walls rolling fields and magnificent Fells make me feel at home. The striking beauty of the Lakes filled with fresh water and reflecting the image of the fells surrounding them instils a calmness in me. I will never tire of spending time there. My inspirations are why I love to create romantic portraiture, which is my absolute favourite part of photographing a Wedding Day, as it allows a chance for both of you to have a moment to yourselves, take it all in and enjoy your beautifully chosen surroundings.