Emily Ladbury Photography offers a range of Luxury, Fine Art, Handmade Albums, which come in different sizes. Our Fine Art Albums are handmade here in the UK and are complemented with lovely thick pages for you to view your beautiful wedding photographs on. Each album includes a 10 page double spread and you get to choose the images you would like in your album.

Different cover options are available from Luxury Linens to Faux Leather. The Luxury Fine Art Albums also come with a personalised front cover, with wording of your choice.

Nothing feels better than being able to pull your wedding album off of your shelf and look back on your special day. An album allows you to re live those wonderful, exciting emotions you felt on your wedding day, whilst holding something physical in your hands. Whether you are enjoying that sacred moment by yourself, with your partner or showing your Grandchildren in years to come; The Luxury, Handmade, Fine Art albums we offer give you something a Digital file can’t. 

To request a copy of my pricing folio please get in touch via our contact page or emailing info@emilyladburyphotography.co.uk