Heartwood Forest Engagement Shoot

Vicky and Joe’s Heartwood Forest Engagement shoot was full of wintery vibes and romance.

Vicky and Joe are having a summer wedding, so we arranged a romantic winter Engagement Shoot to give a real contrast to the photographs. 

We found a wonderful location- Heartwood Forest near St.Albans. 

On the day the weather was, well, wintery! There was a thick mist and moisture in the air and it was cold. But that really added to the atmosphere and gave the photographs a truly wintery and romantic feel. 

The romantic winter vibe continued as Heartwood Forest had bushes full of red berries and an abundance of autumn colour leaves.

Vicky and Joe looked great and really complimented one another. Vicky wore a gorgeous headband with pearls and jewels on it that really added something special and a prettiness. Just perfect for their Heartwood Forest Engagement Shoot.

Also, I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning Vicky’s beautiful engagement ring. I won’t describe it for you, but you absolutely must have a look at the images of it. 

We walked, talked, laughed and captured some stunning moments and photographs. Vicky and Joe really brought the love to their engagement shoot and It shows. 

If you are getting married or would like to book an Engagement shoot, then please get in touch.

Emily xo